Personal Training

When it comes to your self-improvement, personal training is undoubtedly the optimal approach available to you. Such is the effectiveness of a 1-on-1 approach, it will always be an integral component in any balanced fitness programme, no matter the age or level of experience of those undertaking.

Personal Training will help you to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Tone Up
  • Gain Muscle
  • Improve General Health
  • Improve Mobility and Coordination
  • Get Back Into the Sports You Love
  • Focus on Multiple Fitness Goals
  • Train Safely
  • Recover from Injury
  • Overcome Plateaus
  • Enhance your level of performance
  • Prepare for Holidays, both Sun and Snow!

VieStyling eliminates the obstacles you might encounter on your path to wellbeing. With the tools we provide, you’ll make the most of your conviction to improve your fitness and health.


  • You live or have recently relocated to West London, Notting Hill, Holland Park or surrounds

  • You want the freedom to work out in Central London’s most beautiful parklands, your own home or in a full service, private gym

  • You have a hectic lifestyle. We provide ½ hour & 1 hour training blocks, meaning we can fit into any schedule.

  • You’re looking to transform your body and accentuate your natural assets

By utilising the most advanced range of workout methods, you will see positive results faster, stay committed longer and enjoy a variety of exercise methods that keep your work out fun, as we equip you with lifelong fitness habits.

Our training methods include:

  • TRX
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Kettle Bells
  • Battle Rope
  • Boxing
  • Body Weight Exercises
  • ExpressFit
  • Resistant Bands and much more...

We are available by appointment at any time of the day, meaning that when you’re ready to train, so are we. Come see for yourself the positive changes we can affect in the lives of our friends in fitness!

Call us at VieStyling now on 020 3417 0027 for a no obligation introductory assessment or for a more detailed information.



VieStyling provides Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Management in the heart of West London. Our physiotherapists will provide you with effective pain relief and assist in injury rehabilitation. Coupled with our integrated approach that includes massage and nutrition, we can ensure your continued wellness.


Testament to our commitment to your whole body’s health VieStyling is now home to a fully-fledged, in-house massage service. Massage can be used simply for relaxation or to aid with relieving more immediate health concerns, such as muscle soreness, water retention or poor circulation. Whatever the application, its lasting benefits are undeniable and our masseuse is fully trained to provide immediate care, all in the privacy and comfort our lifestyle boutique by appointment only.


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