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VieStyling is a lifestyle boutique with an evocative spirit, a heritage forged in steel and tanned leather fused with the enduring style of sweat and gumption.

This is not a salon or a club. This is body architecture, the foundation to a superior you.

Hidden amongst the labyrinthine roadways of West London’s Notting Hill district and situated along its longest established avenue, we are a lifestyle studio with a unique perspective: One that draws inspiration from bygone epochs defined by industriousness, determination and the steadfast desire to aim higher; become better.

Welcome to VieStyling: your own personal improving ground.


Michal Homola, Head Trainer and Founder of VieStyling


Having made my first foray into the world of elite sporting competition as a professional snowboarder at age 18, I quickly learned the importance of peak physical conditioning and the practical advantages it can provide in any given lifestyle.

And having spent my early professional career working with some of the world’s most renowned fashion brands and designers, the link between the value of health, fitness and physical appearance, and the positive effects they produce in day to day personal experiences, was indisputable.

I decided to take this holistic approach to self-improvement further. Equipped with the idea that: no matter who you are, health and wellbeing starts from within, I began to consult private clients, predominantly from London’s acting, modelling and social communities, on how to achieve a new standard in fitness and style.

Through fashion and styling advice, together with catering to the personal training requirements of this core client base, it became evident that individuals from all walks of life could benefit from my expertise and that customer demands weren’t being met by existing personal training providers, health clubs and gyms.

So the idea to create a personal health and fitness studio came naturally, and expressed itself as of May 2011 in the form of VieStyling: A lifestyle boutique with a unique atmosphere and a nostalgic ethos that builds on time-tested training methods and the care and attention of 1-on-1 personal training and lifestyle coaching.

Therefore, I invite you to join me in Notting Hill and make use of beautiful surrounding parkland and quiet neighbourhoods, that I believe will surely enrich your exercise experience and complement my vision: that committing to a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a commendable and rewarding decision, and no matter your objectives or determination, I will be with you every step of your journey to looking and feeling your very best.

Now it’s over to you, I hope to see you soon!

Michal Homola


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